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These memorable ABCABC Numbers are brought to you by easydigits, the leading provider of mobile numbers for sale in the UK. 

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Our selection of special mobile numbers work internationally. All mobile numbers can be operated on any UK network provider. All UK phone numbers are easily and quickly transferrable between network providers at any time and free of charge.

easydigits custom numbers and VIP numbers are set up on Pay As You Go plans. Customers are free to convert to a contract with any UK network provider.

There are numerous benefits and use cases for mobile numbers offered through easydigits Shop and Create service. Free yourself from a fate of being assigned phone number that means little to you or your business.

With access to millions of UK mobile numbers, easydigits can provide customers with a range second to none. We maintain the largest database of gold mobile numbers in the UK

easydigits can provide businesses with any series of VIP mobile numbers for their salesforce, customer service or for Internet of Things applications. 

Business customers who are VAT registered may be able to claim 20% of the cost – please consult your accountant.

Memorable numbers provide exclusivity, ensuring that your number stands out from the crowd. A memorable mobile number is a great way to draw attention to your business and away from the competition.

Reinforce your brand message with a relatable or catchy fancy mobile number. With any kind of advertising, space comes at a premium. Choose a fancy number that encourages customers to remember you and get in touch.

easydigits gives you access to buy phone numbers in the UK market, giving you excellent local exposure withing the UK. Buy mobile numbers for your business and start attracting UK business.

A novel and personalised gift can be created in the form of a custom number – perhaps a meaningful date such as an anniversary, or incorporating favourite / lucky numbers. For couples, a his and her matching gold numbers will seal the dream team.

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