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easydigits is a leading retailer of memorable mobile numbers in the UK serving individuals and businesses in the UK and internationally since 2019


serving customers since 2019
  • Jul 2019 - our story begins
    easydigits was established as a provider of memorable mobile numbers (also known as special numbers, gold numbers, VIP numbers or exclusive numbers) - a product that is suitable for personal, professional and business use. As the new-comer to a scene dominated by only a few players, we are motivated by the idea that customers should have access to special and memorable mobile numbers at fair and competitive prices. That is why we guarantee a minimum 20% discount to what our competitors charge for similar numbers. Our easydigits brand was developed in line with our principles, product and start-up ethos. We are a technology-enabled business that automates the low-value activities so we can focus on what matters the most - that is delivering value to you, our customers.
  • Feb 2020 - easydigits incorporated
    The easydigits business is incorporated as easydigits ltd (company reg: 12437061) - a privately held limited company. This helped increase trust in our business, reach more customers and access new B2B opportunities. The coronavirus outbreak became a pandemic only a few weeks later in the UK. Whilst it was tough on us and our customers, our team worked tirelessly to ensure minimal disruption to our services.
  • Jun 2020 - interest-free instalments option
    easydigits has partnered with SplitIt to introduce a 0% finance option allowing our customers to purchase any special mobile number on our website in up to 6 monthly interest-free instalments. Customers just need a credit card to use this facility.
  • Aug 2020 - website relaunched
    We listened to our customers' feedback and it was clear that we needed to up our game. Our website was completely redesigned and relaunched on a dedicated server and a powerful platform to better serve curious visitors and paying customers. This paid off with August proving to be the busiest and most profitable month for easydigits.
  • Nov 2020 - our team expands
    Our team of two expands to five dedicated staff and freelancers who help manage stock, service customers, fulfill orders, develop our website, improve the brand, expand our marketing and ultimately deliver a superior product, service and customer experience which exceeds expectations.
  • Mar 2021 - VAT registered
    easydigits becomes a voluntarily VAT-registered business (VAT number: 369889996). Beyond supporting the UK through additional tax revenue, this move allows us to better serve other VAT-registered business customers who will be able to reclaim 20% of the cost of a special mobile number purchased through easydigits.
  • Apr 2021 - cryptocurrency accepted
    easydigits partners with Coinbase to become the first trader of memorable mobile numbers to enable crytocurrency as a form of online payment - accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD coin.
  • Jul 2021 - partnership with Create Numbers
    easydigits partners with Create Numbers, who will provide our customers with the ability to create or select the mobile number of their choice. Visit our "Create" page to submit a request today - customers will be able to select the last 6 or 7 digits they want to feature at the end of the mobile number.
  • Aug 2021 - partnerships with UK network providers
    easydigits is pleased to complete reseller agreements with two of the largest network providers in the UK. This will allow us to offer customers a greater variety of products at the very best prices in the market.
  • Watch this space
    The easydigits team continue to work tirelessly improving the business by delivering value to customers. There are many exciting projects in the pipeline - including new partnerships to expand our products and services.

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