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Buy a Mobile Number to Compliment Your Personalised Car Registration Plate

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Did you recently buy a personalised registration plate for your car? Learn why you need the perfect VIP mobile phone number to match your new plates.

In an intense 2014 auction, the most expensive registration plate ever was sold for £518,000, to be attached to a Ferrari 250.

Personalised registrations make your car stand out, but that’s only the first step of making your mean machine unique to you. What if you could go the extra mile and make your mobile number equally memorable? The benefits are numerous, whether your plate is a form of personal expression or for your own business.

Read on to find out how a special mobile number can enhance the value of your personalised number plates.

A Memorable Identity

A branded phone number can be a great addition to how you express your identity. It reflects your personality and makes you stand out from those who settle for the random sequence they were assigned.

Additionally, it can make it easier for friends or even potential business contacts to remember your number. One option is to design it to complement your car’s number plate with a custom mobile number, or you could try selecting a fancy number from our shop.

Fortune Favors the Personal

Formula 1 drivers often have good luck charms that they keep with them, and some of these charms are lucky numbers. When you buy a mobile number, you can customise it to a number that holds a lot of importance to you, such as an anniversary date or a lucky number. Carrying a meaningful charm like that is an act of determining your own destiny.

What Is Rare Is Worthwhile

A special mobile number is similar to private number plates in that it’s the only one like it that exists. It’s a completely unique series of numbers; and the more in-demand that particular sequence is, the higher its value. The fact that it’s highly sought after makes it an ideal item to collect.

Enhanced Value

Just as you upgrade your car with a number plate that will help you sell it for a higher price down the road, a special mobile number is an asset that you can easily take with you wherever you go. You will own it for life, and it can even be used when travelling abroad. It can go with you even where your car cannot!

A Personalised Registration Is a Sign of Creativity

Just as other drivers love to decipher the phrases or names on private number plates, a special mobile number tells other people that you think out of the box. A clever sequence of numbers could even spark curiosity and conversation from those who see it! A customised mobile number shows that you are taking your own path in life.

The Next Step

If this sounds like you, it’s time to explore your options!

Start looking for a special mobile number to match your personalised registration at Easydigits. We offer significant discounts to competitors and accept payments in cryptocurrency. Buy with confidence. Easydigits is a VAT-registered and verified reseller for the major UK network providers.

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