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7 Benefits of VIP Mobile Numbers for Businesses

VIP mobile numbers

Ask anyone who grew up in the 1990s what the Live and Kicking phone number was and they’re sure to reel off the memorable number, 0181 811 8181. We’re talking about a phone number that changed back in 1999. But such is the power of a memorable phone number that it can stay in your memory (whether you want it to or not!) for decades. 

These days, special VIP numbers – also known as gold, exclusive, or unique mobile numbers – are desirable for businesses because of how memorable they are. But, while VIP mobile numbers work the same as any other UK mobile numbers, they come with a host of other benefits that generic mobile numbers don’t have. 

Want to know why your business should get a VIP number? Let’s take a look at the advantages!

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

VIP mobile numbers provide exclusivity, ensuring that your number stands out from the crowd. While this is a desirable benefit for all businesses, for those of you operating in a saturated market, a memorable mobile number is a great way to draw attention to your business and away from the competition. 

Repeated patterns of digits or easy-to-remember sequences in your business mobile number ensure that even new customers notice you from the beginning. You can even create your own VIP number for something truly unique and personal to your business as a way to set yourself apart and draw in new customers with ease.

2. Encourage Customer Connection

The biggest and most obvious benefit of a VIP number is how memorable it is. In particular, sets of numbers that chunk together in groups of three and four are the easiest for our brains to commit to memory. But beyond being convenient to dial without double-checking several times, what does remembering a number mean to customers? 

Think about the numbers you personally remember or know off by heart. They’re most likely the phone numbers of your closest friends and family. When customers find it easy to remember your business number, they’re treating you like one of the family, creating a bond and a sense of familiarity from the first moment. 

This familiarity, in turn, strengthens customer loyalty and a sense of connection to your brand, ensuring that your customers then come to associate their needs with your business as the solution. They won’t have to remember an obscure string of digits to meet their needs anymore. All they need to do is dial a number they already know and trust. 

3. Drive Call Volumes

As you’d expect, changing your business mobile number to a more memorable VIP number will lead to more calls. 

With an easy-to-remember number at their disposable, customers won’t need to scour search engine results looking for your contact details. This means there’s no chance of Google diverting them to your competitors for the product or service you provide. 

What’s more, anytime an existing customer needs help or has a problem, they won’t have to take to Twitter or send you a DM on Instagram. They can just dial your number and call you instead. As many businesses who get VIP numbers find, once customers get hooked on your number, they keep calling. 

While not all these calls will result in a sale, higher call volumes mean more opportunities for customers to connect with the people behind your business, which, in turn, will mean more leads for the sales team

4. Reinforce Your Brand Message

Unique mobile numbers are also great for establishing and strengthening your brand message, not least because they themselves can become one of the identification marks for your brand. 

With any kind of advertising, space comes at a premium. And what better way to save space without compromising your message than by choosing a number that encourages customers to remember you and get in touch? This way, you can reinforce the ideals of your brand as customer connection and ease of contact. In turn, your brand message and your call to action reinforce this by urging customers to call your memorable number! 

5. Increase Online Visual Appeal

When customers look online, VIP mobile numbers stand out for their aesthetic appeal as much as for their memorability. 

Generic mobile numbers don’t have the same kind of visual draw as VIP mobile numbers, with repeated patterns of the same number, well-thought-out sequences, or rhyming groups. Think about it, when you see mobile numbers like 07778899111 or 07910 111213, they’re instantly more appealing to look at and easier to take in than random strings of digits like 07813458962.  

6. Enhance Credibility

VIP numbers don’t just look good, they make you and your business look good too. Unique mobile numbers send a clear message to potential customers that a business is established and trustworthy. Many people also consider that such numbers are a big investment for a company, or that only big brands can afford them. As such, even if you’re a one-man-band or just starting out, a well-chosen unique mobile number will add a lot of credibility to your company in an instant.

7. Cost Effective

It’s not only customers who assume that VIP mobile numbers come with a high price tag, many business owners do too. But in reality, they’re a cost-effective solution for all kinds of businesses.

At easydigits, we have VIP mobile numbers for sale for as little as £50. But, even if you go for a more premium VIP number, we offer the most competitive prices in the market with a guaranteed 25% discount on market price, so the potential saving on your purchase with us huge.

What’s more, a VIP mobile number is the gift that keeps on giving. While most marking campaigns have limited shelf-lives, your business will reap the rewards of your VIP mobile number for years to come. You might change your theme, your website, and even your brand name, but your VIP mobile number is a long-term asset you won’t want to change. 

The Top Benefits of VIP Numbers for Businesses

As this list shows, VIP numbers are a great way to bring new life to your brand and connect with your customers.  And, with VIP mobile numbers for sale for a lot less than many people realise, switching to a VIP mobile number is an affordable marketing tool that you won’t ever regret investing in. 

For more information, feel free to contact us by email, via social media, or by calling our very own VIP number, 0770 777 4070. 

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