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How to get mobile number of your choice

Mobile phone number

Did you know that 95 percent of households in the United Kingdom have at least one mobile phone? Mobile phones have become part of our private lives as well as our businesses. The way mobile phone numbers are distributed means that you are pretty much stuck with whatever number you are allocated – meaning mobile numbers are usually hard to remember (randomly generated) and have no significance to the owner.

With a custom mobile number, you can now defy fate and take back control – but how can you get one? Read on to find out.

What is a Custom UK Mobile Number?

Custom numbers are those which you choose yourself. When you choose your own mobile number, you are determining what sort of number you want – perhaps you prefer a memorable mobile number, want to include a lucky number or any number of personal significance.

Businesses also find it useful to have contact numbers communicating their brands or a whole series of similar numbers for their teams.

To make your own mobile number, you will put together the last six or seven digits. These numbers can represent common words or phrases or may just be simple number sequences that make memorising the number easier. The more special numbers do carry a premium in pricing.

How Can You Get One?

The process of customising and creating a mobile number is simple. Perhaps the most difficult thing you have to do is come up with the number you want.

Keep in mind that the area code cannot be changed, which is why only the last six or seven numbers are available for customisation.

Using the Create page, fill in the form with the required custom mobile number by selecting the last 6 or digits you would like featured at the end of the number.

Once you submit the request, an email with available options will be shared with you within 2-3 working days – together with prices and information on how to purchase the number.

Private numbers and business numbers created this way take 7-10 working days to deliver – as this involves a process to create the number, acquire it, register it to the new owner’s details and complete delivery.

You will receive email update on your order, including further information once delivery has been attempted. If you select the SIM delivery option, you will receive your new mobile number on a PAYG SIM and an email confirming delivery details. If you select the PAC delivery option, the email will contain the PAC and information on how to transfer the number to another network provider.

With access to over 1 million unique mobile numbers, so we can accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses looking to purchase a large series of numbers for IoT, salesforce or any other business use 99% of the time.

How to Choose Your Number

The number you choose can depend on whether you want it to be a private one or a business one.

Choosing numbers that let clients know what services you offer is vital for your business. It can be helpful to include keywords related to the services or products you offer. For example, if you offer plumbing services, you can opt for a number that has PLUMBER within it.

If there are no keywords available, you can choose options that include special offers. A good example if you are offering a free trial of something is to include the word FREETRIAL in your custom number.

In general, numbers that have a particular rhythm and repetition tend to make it easier for others to remember. For private numbers, try something that rhymes.

When you make your number, you may also consider dates that are meaningful to you. Choosing a loved one’s anniversary date or even the street or house number where you live can all be great options for a private number.

Benefits of Having a Custom Number

Making a small investment into a custom number can have a huge impact on your life. Learn what benefits you can expect.

For Businesses

For businesses, having a custom number means that you decide what you want out of your mobile number – turning it into another advantage for your business.

It can be helpful to have these numbers if you have a work van with your company’s information on it. Instead of sending them scrambling for pen and paper to jot the number down, potential clients will easily remember who they need to call.

It may be helpful to use a number that is catchy and easy to remember in advertising – especially on TV and radio. That way interested customers are more likely to get in touch.

You may want the mobile number to communicate your service or brand – for example, if you are open 247 and/or 365 days a year. Or if you provide 360 degree services. These are numbers you can incorporate into the mobile number.

Perhaps you just want to the prestige that comes with owning a particularly special number – again, businesses can now determine exactly what kind of special number they want rather than select from a limited inventory.

It can be helpful to have these numbers if you have a work van with your company’s information on it. Instead of sending them scrambling for pen and paper to jot the number down, potential clients will easily remember who they need to call.

Custom numbers makes it easier for word-of-mouth referrals. You want past clients to be able to recommend you to their friends and family without having to go digging for your business’ number.

If a customer has an issue that requires customer service, it is much better for them to remember your phone than to have to go to your website and fill out a form. Not only does it make it possible for you to assist and resolve the issue as soon as possible, but it also avoid making the customer even more frustrated.

For Personal Use

For personal use, custom mobile numbers can be a great idea of families with children or very elderly members. They will have an easier time remembering a catchy or repetitive number.

If a loved one loses their phone and needs to contact someone, your phone number will be the first one they will remember.

Many of our customer also choose to incorporate numbers of personal, religious or cultural significance to them when

Create a Number

Whether you want a custom UK mobile number for personal or business reasons, it can make your life a bit easier.

Choose our team to help you come up with a custom number. We have access to over 300,000 UK numbers and we are resellers of major European phone networks, including Vodafone, Three, and O2.

It is time to stop asking yourself “Can I pick a phone number?” and do so.

Contact us today to get a custom number!

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